Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to treat anxiety attacks. 

Throughout the years, there have been many close friends of mine facing anxiety issues, whether it was my college roommate, ex-girlfriends, or myself when relocating  cross country for a new job. I never realized how much of an issue it was for most people until recently.

Anxiety attacks & symptoms

Anxiety attacks are scary and can halt your life in its tracks when they strike. Many questions come to mind during and after anxiety attacks. What are anxiety symptoms? Can I learn how to treat anxiety with or without a doctor? Are there cures for anxiety? These questions are all valid and have been tackled by many different people. There are numerous sources of information available on the web concerning anxiety and what to do about it. In discussing the above questions, I remind anyone that reads this article, the best thing to do is consult with your doctor.
When trying to control or treat anxiety attacks, the first thing to do is determine that you are in fact having an anxiety attack. Anxiety symptoms include, but are not limited to, a pounding or racing heart, a feeling of impending doom or overwhelming fear, lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, sweating, shaking, tightness in the chest, feeling out of control and many more. Anxiety affects different people in different ways and symptoms can vary from one attack to another. It is important when you experience anxiety symptoms, to know that the symptoms themselves are harmless. They are scary and unsettling, but harmless. Knowing how to treat anxiety attacks is a good start in calming yourself and your mind down to come back to a state of normalcy.

Controlling Anxiety Attacks

how to treat anxiety
Anxiety attacks are scary and can halt your life in its tracks when they strike. Many questions come to mind during and after anxiety attacks. What are anxiety symptoms? Can I learn how to treat anxiety with or without a doctor? Are there cures for anxiety?

The first step is to breathe, as impossible as it may seem at the time, being in control of your breathing will help you gain control of yourself more quickly. Taking slow, deep breaths will lower your heart rate and reduce many anxiety symptoms. When anxiety symptomsbegin to subside, you are on your way to ending your anxietyattack.
When figuring out how to treat anxiety attacks or even finding anxiety cures, distracting your mind is another good treatment. Watching something lighthearted on TV, such as a children’s show or a comedy you enjoy, can help distract and calm your mind. Observing your environment and intentionally focusing on things, such as pictures or people around you, helps you to gain control of your mind and hat you think about. Look at colors, clothing, patterns, notice small details you would normally overlook. This mental exercise, along with breathing will help to continue to lessen your anxiety symptoms.

Treating Anxiety Attacks

Another way to treat your anxiety attack is to simply treat the anxiety symptoms. Taking an anti-nausea medication or another stomach medication can help lessen digestive distress and you can begin to feel better.
A doctor can also help you learn how to treat anxiety attacks with therapy or even medications. Sometimes, simply having a therapist to talk to can help to find the source of your anxiety and you can begin to work on avoiding or better managing the trigger. Doctors may also prescribe medications to help with the chemical imbalance in the brain that causes anxiety disorder in many people. Sometimes, taking a multivitamin can help over the long run to lessen the occurrence of anxiety attacks and anxiety symptoms.
Anxiety attacks can happen to anyone, the important thing to remember is that they are manageable and they do not have to ruin your life. Many people who suffer from anxiety attacks have found numerous ways to treat them. Learning how to treat anxiety attacks in your own life and what works best for you will take time. One question that anyone who has suffered from anxiety attacks can ask is, are there cures for anxiety?


The good news is that there are cures for anxiety that you can administer at home. Drinking chamomile tea or taking chamomile can help to calm your body and mind. Chamomile is a relaxing herb and can be used as a cure for your anxiety. Hops are also used as a cure for anxiety at home. That’s right, have a beer and relax, it is true. Hops are not to be used if you are depressed. St. John’s Wart is good for long-term cures for anxiety. It helps to calm the mind and ease mood swings. Medicinal cures for anxiety include serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Zoloft that help to balance the chemicals in your brain. You can be treated and then weaned off of these drugs with a doctor’s supervision.
The most important thing to remember when discovering how to treat anxiety or looking for cures for anxiety are that anxiety is just fear. You can discover your triggers and the treatments that work best for you with time and trial.

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