Thursday, August 18, 2016

Intel's $25 million man says there are 3 massive changes happening in tech right now

Venkata "Murthy" Renduchintala, the high-profile exec Intel paid $25 million to poach from rival Qualcomm, shared the three biggest changes happening in tech during his keynote speech at Intel's annual Developer's Forum on Wednesday.
Calling it "the greatest change in tech that’s going to happen to us in decades," Renduchintala laid out his vision for how the increase in connected devices and resulting volume of data, as well as new 5G connectivity, will reshape the tech space:
1) Computing will become more pervasive and ambient:Renduchintala believes computing, through PCs, smartphones, wearables, or even autonomous cars, will only become more pervasive in the coming years. Intel expects to see 50 billion connected devices and 200 billion connected sensors by 2020. These will create massive amounts of data. 
2) Massive overhaul in the networks: Because of all the connected devices and resulting data that needs to be processed, the current network environment will need a massive overhaul, Renduchintala believes. That means faster processing and much more sophisticated data analysis capabilities across the board. That'll make the entire network faster, more secure, and more efficient.
3) 5G connectivity: Renduchintala believes the upcoming 5G connection will be the "lifeblood" binding everything together. He believes the shift to 5G will be as profound as the move from analog to digital, and will only make everything more intelligent, scalable, and secure.
Renduchintala's vision is, of course, almost identical to where Intel's trying to take its business. Intel has been struggling to deal with the shrinking PC market, historically the largest revenue driver for the company. With its PC chip revenue declining, Intel has been putting more of its resources toward building connected devices, as well as network and data center chips, while touting the upcoming 5G connected world.
Renduchintala's keynote was also notable because it was his first external public presentation since joining Intel last year. And it seems like people were impressed by his speech, as seen from industry analyst Patrick Moorhead's tweet:
Source:  Business Insider 
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