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Where in the World Are Americans Investing Dollars
Where in the World Are Americans Investing Dollars
If the last several years have taught us anything, it’s that our economic system is more volatile than ever.  Trillions of dollars were lost in the last credit crisis.  Now, numerous economists and finance experts are predicting the implosion of the dollar and U.S. economy in the next three to five years.
This is why some of the world's most influential and wealthy individuals have gradually been transitioning their investments out of the dollar — and putting it into real estate in safe and beautiful Belize.
Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, this former British colony offers a distinct Caribbean spirit, and is very close to the United States—only a one-hour flight from Miami, two hours from Dallas or Houston.  As notes, “Forty percent of this English-speaking paradise is protected park and nature reserve land. Enthralling Mayan ruins await amid rainforest canopies. Awe-inspiring scuba diving and eco-adventures are on offer along the world’s second-longest barrier reef. The 1000-foot-diameter Blue Hole is so big and so blue that it can be seen from outer space.” 
However, beauty and warmth is only half the story. For many Americans, it's also the destination for a smart investment because of the country's favorable tax climate. 
Real Estate Company BuyBelize explains, “Belize has long been regarded as one of the T-7 Tax Havens, and it is for this very reason that it is such an attractive option for investors. With the US in a seemingly continuous economic downturn many investors are looking to internationalize their finances and their portfolios for both tax and asset protection reasons. Belize offers a legitimate path to investors seeking to cover both of these bases.”
More than a tax haven, the banks in Belize offer strict privacy laws, ensuring that a person's assets are protected. International Business Companies (IBCs) and Trusts are also available to protect investments from taxes and legal judgments. Plus, Belize offers a stable parliamentary democracy and is a Commonwealth member, making it a safer bet for investor money.
This doesn't mean you have to sell your home, pack up the family, and move countries in order to protect your finances — though that's clearly an option. Many Americans are simply choosing to purchase investment property in the country for two key reasons: price and paradise.
BuyBelize offers properties as low as $99,000, with financing options starting at $599 per month. Those are the kind of prices you'd only find in economically depressed areas of the United States, and none of those locations offer the tropical forests, rich wildlife, and majestic mountains that Belize offers.
“Right now, Belize is giving people a chance to have the life they hoped to have in the states, but no longer see as possible," says BuyBelize principal, Luke Chadwick. He notes that the country’s beautiful location, English being a primary language in the region, a strong currency, and the wise investment opportunities all contribute to people's confidence in choosing Belize. Indeed, he's seen some people even forego buying U.S. property in favor of Belizean, because the American dollar goes so much farther there.  
However, that same popularity means these current pricing opportunities can't last forever.
"Given the increased interest we’re seeing in the marketplace, we really don’t know how long the financial incentives will remain this enticing," Bannon adds.
With most signs pointing to the U.S. dollar's position in the world drastically changing, Americans are constantly searching for the next smart investment. Discovering that it's located in one of the world's most beautiful locations—and at a price almost anyone can afford— is just an added bonus.

Source: Fox Info

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